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December 21, 2012
Hi everyone,
I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!
I love this time a year. It’s the time of year for GIVING & SHARING. What a beautiful time that is!

I will be fortunate to spend time with my daughter and son and some wonderful friends that means so much to me. It is a time for us to connect, share happy times and enjoy some scrumptious food. The Christmas in Australia is very different to the one I was used to having in Sweden whilst growing up. I then had the opportunity to enjoy white Christmas’s with lots of candles and Santa coming to visit to give us gifts on Christmas Eve. I loved the excitement of Santa coming with all the gifts!

These days, my Christmas’s are totally different. They are now spent in the sunshine, during the day, without a Santa in sight. Gifts are still exchanged but to lesser extent and there is more focus on the friendships and “catching” up. It’s different but a good reminder that Christmas is a time of giving, not just giving of gifts, but giving of laughter and smiles. It’s really about sharing times with people that we love.

I want to wish you all a smiley, loving times with the people you are spending this Christmas with.

Enjoy! Loving wishes from Karin 🙂 



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